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Our “Pro Cab” series offer the most advanced sound to dimension ratio ever.
Deeply studied in materials, measurements, internal chambering, dampening materials and so on, to craft the best guitar cabinet we can offer.

All our cabs are entirely made out of finest 15mm baltic birch, jointed with a proprietary joint solution and peculiar glue. A wide choice of color and materials are available for virtually infinite color combinations.
Not a single detail were left behind.

1×12 EVO is the very first update to our classic 1×12 Pro Cab design.
Originally born back in 2013, where all started.
It’s the smallest cab we offer, thought as a perfect companion for gigging musicians.
Light, small and very powerful can find use from small clubs to arenas.
15mm high quality baltic birch, proprietary joint system and double ported, for a deeply extended frequencies content. One is not enough? Just add a second one, to double your sound stage or make your entire rig STEREO!


2X12 EVO is the natural evolution of 1×12 EVO. Think at two 1×12 but with an even lower frequency response. Triple ported, back loaded.


4X12 EVO is the last introduction in our catalog. After ten years of previous model (4×12 Pro Cab), we update the design giving the customer the choice between RL (back loaded) or FL (front loaded) options.
Rear loaded results in the most “classic” frequencies response of the late 1960 4×12 speaker cabinets.
Front loaded is a modern evolution with more attack and presence, perfect for most modern music genere.

– 50 x 40cm and 30cm depth. Weight approx 11kg.
– 19,6 x 15,7 inches and 11,8inches depth. Wight is approx 24lb

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