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John Browne 

Marco Azara
MA-30 – Duality – Kalì MK II

Alastair Greene
Alastair Greene Band, Alan Parsons Project
Pro Cab 1×12

Francesco Cardillo 
Laura Pausini / session player / studio player
Duality RS – Stereo system

Nick Muneratti
Bass studio/session player
Phat Nick Bass Preamp

Richard Watson 
Black Sky Research /G H O S T S and The Fatherline / Session Player
Lil’Wave – Compulon Pro – Chaos Theory

Rocco Zifarelli
Ennio Morricone Orchestra
Alkemy Overdrive

Thomas Silver
Thomas Silver Band, Former Hardcore Superstar
TS Custom head – Leviathan – Kali Mk II
Alkemy Overdrive
Pro Cab 4×12

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