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AmpCentral is redefining the way to record and perform with tube amplifiers.

A.C. is a resistive/reactive load + I.R. loader. Featuring a fully analog Hi-Fi quality load section and a digital impulse response side, is the very next level device for whom is looking to play and record its tube based amplifier in total silent way.

There’s no emulation, simulation or profile that can stand pair to the original amplifier, so, RedSeven Amplification is now offering the perfect solutions for silent recording and late night practicing.

The simplest way to have your amplifier wired to P.A. or sound interface: no fancy software to download, not setup required, 100% the best sound available in literally 30 seconds. Wire it, power it, choose your favorite I.R. and you’re online!

AmpCentral will be shipped with 16 original I.R.s based on Pro Cabinet guitar speaker series. 16 hi-fi, studio grade impulse responses of our own cabinet. User will be able to upload his own Its with a dedicated USB port on the back.
A stereo loop fx is available in the back. Connect your stereo pedals here listen to your amp + effects in stereo.
Midi implementation is also available. No more one single I.R. for the whole gig. You can now change your I.R. according to your amp channel or setlist.

Rack ears kit is available as optional, it can be ordered here: info@redseven-amplification.com

  • Reactive/resistive load at 8 ohm / 100W;
  • I.R. loader with 16 slots @ 48Khz/24bit;
  • Stereo unbal (jacks) and balanced (XLR) output connectors;
  • Stereo loop FX insert;
  • USB input;
  • Powered with included P.S. @ 24VDC/300mA;
  • Rack-mountable in 2U rack format.

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