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Kalì is the our vintage sound proposal. All-tube EL84 based amplifier designed to give to the ears of guitarist the maximum expressiveness of his fingers. It’s based on one of the classic english design of the ’60s, then resumed by Ken Fisher. The dynamics and the touch response are the main features that differentiate Kalì from all other amplifiers. Single channel with no effects loop for maximum sonic purity. The perfect platform for your effect pedals. From crystalline clean to crispy sound, for the widest palette of sound ever encounter on single channel amplifier.

Kalì is tube rectified and not diode rectified to obtain that true vintage vibe.

With MKII version we introduce the Accutronics digital spring technology, derived by our “Aureal Verb pedal”, to give to the amp another dimension and depth.
Available in head and combo 1 × 12 version.

  • Input, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Cut, Master Volume;
  • 3 position bright switch, boost;
  • “Pick Attack (slow / fast)” selector;
  • Outputs at 4, 8 and 16 ohms;
  • Accutronics digital spring reverb with Mix and Time controls.

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