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Designed with the aim of offering a versatile and complete dual crunch/lead channel, Chaos Theory Distortion aims to all users of mono-channel amplifiers that are looking for a permanent and compact solution. Thanks to its unique characteristics you can set it from rock-blues sound to more extreme dimensions tending to metal tones with extreme simplicity!

  • THREE BANDS EQUALISER: high, medium, low.
  • LEVEL: output level.
  • DRIVE: gain control.
  • BOOST: thanks to the boost section of the Chaos Theory you can rely on a second level of drive (referred to as BOOST DRIVE) and a supplementary volume level designed in such a way as to increase, in addition to volume, even a particular spectrum of fundamental mids to “break through” the mix during a solo.
  • MODERN / VINTAGE: This switch allows you to define the cut midrange. Vintage mode medium frequencies are emphasized giving the pedal a British old-school sound. In modern mode the medium frequencies allow you to get more aggressive and modern sound.
  • FAT / NORMAL: This control changes the character of the pedal. In fat mode sound is impressive and full of gain for a very big sound, ideally for rock and metal. In normal mode the gain level is reduced as the emphasis on medium-low frequencies allowing you to safely use the pedal in a more rock-blues contexts.
  • REMOTE: Contact Tip-Sleeve permanent for remote bypass.
  • Power supply: ONLY 9v DC / 50mA

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