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This is our attempt to offer a professional studio-grade compressor in stomp format. Compulon is an optical compressor with lots of dynamics, obtained thanks to the internal special power supply. With this pedal you can get sounds ranging from dark and big tube compressor to the classic and famous american VCA compressor, clear and immediate. The active dual action tone control is the heart of this pedal; it do not only increases or subtracts high frequencies, but it does the same equal and opposite with low frequencies! Compulon is extremely transparent pedal, it can also be used as a boost or equalizer. Its signal path is designed so well that with just three controls may become more compressors!

  • VOLUME: control of makeup gain.
  • COMP: control of compression threshold.
  • TONE: active double action tone control.
  • REMOTE: latching Tip-Sleeve contact for remote bypass.
  • Power: ONLY 9v DC / 50mA

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