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Duality 100 RS is the next take on our classic Duality100.
Three independent channels of pure ear’s bliss.

It share every single functions and the entire layout of his older brother but with an update power amp with 6L6s,
an overall “drier” tone, means a little more high-end focused distorted channels and with a slight more gain.
Clean channel still the same of our Duality100, but of course with 6L6s on power amp.

First channel, “Clean” is crystal clear, fat and never sterile, always ready to provide clean sounds inspired by the early ‘60s single channel amplifiers. Gain and volume controls guarantees you multitude of tones.
Second channel, called “Vintage” is inspired by the iconic plexi sound. Sounds palette are easily manageable from a semi-clean tone to a very powerful crunch with just your right hand. Third channel, “Modern” is the high gain version of Ch2, three-dimensional, rich and full of harmonic content.

Ch2 & 3 can be boosted with a fourth gain stage, called lead boost, to obtain an over the top saturation but still keeping dynamics and clarity between all strings. Duality can cover any sound between crystal clean to the most thorough lead.

RS (Red Stealth) mod give the amp an overall more modern feel under your fingers.
Duality100 is our classic “rock” amp, Duality100RS can be voted to a more modern rock / metal genere.

  • Clean Channel: inspired by early ‘60s single channel amplifiers. Volume, gain, high, middle and bass and a bright switch.
  • Vintage Channel: inspired by vintage distorted “plexi sound”. A true sonic nirvana. From semi-clean tones to a powerful crunch with only your right hand, all in a single channel. Volume, treble, middle, bass, gain, bright switch, and lead boost;
  • Modern Channel: A modern distorted high gain sound. It shares the eq with the Vintage channel, but has dedicated volume and gain controls. Volume, treble, middle, bass, gain, bright switch, and lead boost;
  • High-voltage buffered effects loop; Double Master volume;
  • MIDI communication (PC and CC) with smart internal saving;
  • Power and signal transformers designed by our specifications, made in Italy;
  • Entirely designed, created, produced and assembled by hand in Italy by RedSeven Amplification;
  • Optional FS-7 available.

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