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FS-7 Midi Footswitch is the ultimate smart solution for all RedSeven amplifiers.

Under popular request, this little helper is now available. A more comprehensive footswitch, or an upgrade from original included footswitch was a very hot topic, but now, no more!

FS-7 can control every Red7 amplifier, including D100PRE!

FS-7 is now available and it works in two different modes:
– CC mode (Control Change): it’s exactly like to old one, it can change channels and turn on/off any given function of your Red7 amp;
– PC mode (Program Change): it now can save 127 combinations of your desired sounds!
Plus, it will work with ALL Red7 Amplifiers (you just need to chose which amplifier from its internal list).

Life can’t be more easy than with it.

Measurement: 27×10,5x7cm / 10,6×4,1×2,7 inches¬†(switches included)
Weigh: 1Kg / 2,2lb

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