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Multi Stereo Line Mixer (MSLM) is the ultimate solution for any guitar rack system. Something rack people dreamed for years and finally are able to buy.
As name suggest, it’s not a simple line mixer, it’s a central brain for your entire rack collection, acting like splitter/mixer/switcher with full midi operation.

Everything you need in only 1U rack!

Main features are:

  • Mono / Stereo input;
  • Mono/stereo insert point (volume pedal insert point);
  • 3x Mono / Stereo serial loop fx;
  • 3x Mono / Stereo parallel loop fx;
  • 2x Mono / Stereo AUX parallel loop fx;
  • Dedicated dry path;
  • Dedicated transformer isolated dry output for easy Wet/Dry/Wet applications;
  • Four function switches;
  • MIDI CC compatible;
  • XLR balanced stereo outputs;
  • Phantom power with injection point for midi controller.

To discover everything MSLM can do, please download the manual here down below.

This is a full +4dB operating unit.
Set you rack system to +4dB input/output, in order to perform at the highest headroom and lowest noise floor available.
-10 ro 20db units are fine, pay attention to not overload them.

MSLM operate with an internal switching mode power supply, it can be powered with 90 to 240VAC.

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