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Chaos Theory is thought to transform your single channel amplifier into a full three channel amplifier.

It have the classic layout like most of the amplifiers out there, plus a boost section (both volume and gain stages). VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS and GAIN are used as on any standard amplifier, but when pushing the BOOST footswitch, you have a second choice for added GAIN and LEVEL for your solo parts.
Not a clone, Chaos Theory was thought of as a direct reply to many of our customers out there, who love to play their vintage single channel amplifiers, but are in need for some more gain options. FAT/NORMAL, this switch is a selection of two different gain levels for the whole pedal.
VINTAGE or MODERN. Set it flat or V shaped mid shift for the true metal heads.

  • Volume: output volume control;
  • High: control for the high section of the eq;
  • Middle: control for the mid section of the eq;
  • Bass: control for the bass section of the eq;
  • Gain: gain control;
  • Boost Gain: gain control for boost side;
  • Boost Level: boost level for boost side;
  • FAT/NORMAL: choose between two diferent structures of gain;
  • VINTAGE/MODERN: choose between two different shapes of mid frequencies, first one is flat and second one is scooped;
  • ON/OFF: on/off for the effect. Truebypass relay bases bypass;
  • BOOST: on/off for the boost side, which is dependent by the distortion side. If the pedal is in off mode, by turning on/off the boost side, nothing will happen.

All RedSeven Amplification pedals shares the same INPUT/OUTPUT/ REMOTE/DC INPUT control layout.

All RedSeven Amplification pedals must be powered with ONLY 9volts DC negative center, any other voltage could seriously damage the pedal.

REMOTE JACK allows you to control your your RedSeven Amplification pedal with a simple TRS jack. You can turn on/ off the pedal with a latching control between R (ring) and S (sleeve) and select between mode I and mode 2 with a latching control between T (tip) and S (sleeve).

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