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The Wave – True Analog Multi Chorus was introducted in 2013 and it was the first reissue ever made of the iconic TriStereo Chorus from the ’80s.
The Wave was 1:1 replica built and designed with all the precise components and even the same PCB layout of the original unit, for the most astonishing and close sonic results available.
No digital recreations, no DSP “close enough but not THAT close” copy, only 100% analog circuits with all the glorious LFOs made from custom hand built optoresistors, to be the more faithful to the original as possibile.

The Wave was made in only 35 numbered units, sold all around the word.
That low number was due to the difficulty to find and provide the obsolete original made by Panasonic MN3007/3101 delay and clock chips, which were what the original TSC used back than. Back in 2013, there weren’t so many ways to get around the availability issue, so the only way to get 100% that sound, was to find some NOS chip.
From that point on, the availability was almost impossible to be guaranteed and most of the available chip were fake or not properly working.

In 2016, we also repair a super rare “Exciter” equipped unit, so, we traced the mod, and from that point, we offered the mod as standard for the stock unit, while we continue to offer it as post sale option.

The Wave is the object that put ourself as company (as Shiva Audio before, and RedSeven Amplification now) on the map, with the willing to build always the best sounding devices we could offer, no matter what.
Since 2018, our focus shifted into building tube amplifiers as primary occupation, but we continued to serve old units. As a matter of fact, not a single unit returned to our factory for any damage attributable to quality or materials or the building. We update and made checks, but we’re proud to say that to our know, all the 35 units still out there and working, in a period of 8 years now.

Will the future lead us to something new? Who knows..


By The Wave - Kristian Larsen

The Wave vs CS5

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