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Compulon Pro is the advanced version of the original Compulon, an optical based compressor pedal with some unique sonic features. Compulon Pro now offers true “MASTERING GRADE” compression quality due to the internal high voltage (up to 30 volts) and its unbelievable dynamic content. Forget your standard compressor pedal, weʼre on the next level here. The super high quality OPA discrete amplifiers guarantee a superior signal path quality and an unmatched control of the compression circuit. But we have added more:

– two styles of compression are now available, SLOW & FAST. They change two presetted settings of both attack and release.
MIX knob is now the core of the pedal. Parallel compression is something you now want to have in your compressor. You can have the full style “Nile Rodgers/ CHIC” tone along with some less drastic compression with parts of your dry signal coming thru.
– Double settings for THRESHOLD and VOLUME, is like having two compressors in one pedal. Choose between them with the footswitch or via a simple RMT jack.
– Our best selling feature, the double action active TONE control is still intact, a feature lots of our Compulon players just love to use.   Compulon Pro is the most advanced and best sounding compressor pedal platform for both guitar and bass available right now.

Compulon Pro is the most advanced and best sounding compressor pedal platform for both guitar and bass available right now.

  • Threshold 1 & 2: set the level of where the compressor circuit starts to kick in;
  • Volume 1 & 2: output volume controls
  • Mix: A mix between dry and compressed sound;
  • Tone: dual action active tone control (increase bass and decrease high by turning to the left, increase high and decrease bass by turning to the right);
  • Mode (FAST/SLOW): two different settings of attack and release;
  • – ON/OFF: on/off for the effect. Truebypass relay bases bypass;
  • – MODE I & II: chose between two presetted values of Threshold and Volume controls

All RedSeven Amplification pedals shares the same INPUT/OUTPUT/ REMOTE/DC INPUT control layout.

All RedSeven Amplification pedals must be powered with ONLY 9volts DC negative center, any other voltage could seriously damage the pedal.

REMOTE JACK allows you to control your your RedSeven Amplification pedal with a simple TRS jack. You can turn on/ off the pedal with a latching control between R (ring) and S (sleeve) and select between mode I and mode 2 with a latching control between T (tip) and S (sleeve).

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